iSolar MN News FeatureMINNEAPOLIS  iSolar, leading experts in commercial, residential and agricultural solar installations, recently completed a substantial project at Hidden Greens Golf Course in Hastings, Minn.

Motivated by environmental stewardship and cost-savings, Hidden Greens was intrigued by solar power. They wanted to understand how solar could save money on electricity and were pleased by the calculated estimate of the return on investment.

Hidden Greens General Manager Andrew Gerber said, “We are a family-run business that has been around for 46 years and have had four generations working at it. I think the biggest thing is that this will help the next generation.”

iSolar’s services for the project included: engineered foundations built onsite; interconnections; financial modeling; electric wiring; creating the frames and attaching 256 Q-Cell solar panels– along with operations and maintenance for 30 years of warrantied performance.

As with most of iSolar’s projects, there were hurdles that required experience and expertise to resolve. iSolar co-owner and Master Electrician John Ihle explained “We had to design a system that generates power near the driving range and deliver it to the event center, over 400 feet away. There were logistical challenges that involved wiring through a rock shelf that was 3-feet underground as well as a large asphalt parking lot.”

Hidden Greens had five different electric meters throughout the grounds. Parties worked with Dakota Electric to plan a cost-effective engineered ballasted solution that would provide the greatest ROI for the golf course. They added a new transformer and fed the wiring under the asphalt.

Over the next 30 years the project will provide 80 percent of Hidden Greens’ energy with an ROI of 250 percent as well as eliminate the need for 6,323 barrels of oil. Offsetting the carbon footprint would require the equivalent of planting 69,710 trees.

iSolar co-owner Ryan Ihle said, “When guests drive up and pass the solar array, they love the fact that this golf course cares about the environment by incorporating the most forward-looking form of energy delivery.”

The project’s result is an already impressive golf course with a stunning physical testament to their environmental commitment. “The iSolar customer service has been great,” Gerber concluded. “I would and have recommended them.”

iSolar, based in Greater St. Paul, Minnesota, is a solar company with over four decades of experience in alternative energies. They include a 30-year insurance and warranty on all installations that is underwritten by Lloyds of London, a reinsurer that has been in business since 1688. iSolar specializes in renewable energy installations, repairs (including detach and reset), maintenance, and service work not directly related to renewable energy. Sectors they serve include commercial, residential and agricultural. To contact iSolar call 651-565-1150 or email