Minnesota Solar Calculator

Minnesota Solar Calculator - How Much Could You Save On Your Energy Bill?

Enter your home's square footage, roof direction, and shading to calculate how much you could save with solar. Calculated using real data from Minnesota.

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Your Potential Savings With Minnesota Solar

Total savings over 30 years
= Value of Energy Produced + Value of Tax Credit - Cost of System Installation
= ${{energyValueTotalPretty}} + ${{itcPretty}} - ${{systemCostPretty}}
Contact us to refine this estimate further. We will do a digital analysis of your property to see if anything needs to be updated and get a more precise estimate of your possible solar production and cost to install your panels.

Here's how we calculate solar savings:

  • A {{systemSize}} killowatt solar system will need to be installed to produce enough energy for your {{sqFtSelection.display}} home selection
  • Your solar system will cost about ${{systemCostPretty}} to install. This is an all inclusive cost estimate, no extra fees. We can get a more accurate estimate after reviewing your project digitally or on site.
  • You could get a tax credit of ${{itcPretty}} on next year's tax return. The current solar tax incentive in Minnesota is 30% of the cost of your solar installation.
  • The value of the energy you produce will be about ${{cost_per_kw_hour}} per killowatt hour (according to Minneapolis average energy costs recently from bls.gov)
  • Your system will produce about ${{energyValueTotalPretty}} worth of energy over the next {{num_years_estimated}} years.
  • Your system will produce about ${{energyValueYear1Pretty}} worth of energy in it's first year. Each year thereafter energy will be worth around {{kwh_value_increase_annual*100}}% more than the previous year after inflation, cost of energy, and panel degradation is factored in.
  • Because you have no shade you'll maximize the energy production from your solar panels.
  • Because you have {{shadingSelection['display']}} your energy production from solar is factored down a bit.

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