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MINNEAPOLIS,  iSolar MN, leading experts in cost-effective commercial, residential and agricultural solar installations, addresses the seven most common misconceptions about solar power in Minnesota.

iSolar MN Co-Owner Ryan Ihle said, “There are many myths about solar, particularly in colder climates, that prevent homeowners and businesses from taking advantage of this extremely beneficial technology. The bottom line is that solar is very efficient across the U.S and particularly in Minnesota. It performs very well.”

The seven misconceptions include:

  1. Solar doesn’t make sense in Minnesota.
    The biggest concern is a major snow accumulation, which will affect solar-generated electricity until the panels melt off the snow. iSolar models for snow loads so that panels will clear off quickly, even in severe cold. As far as the ability to generate energy, Minnesota has the same solar availability as Houston (the variable is light not heat). In fact, solar panels tend to perform best in cold and sunny climates because heat interferes with the conversion of sunlight into electricity. Also, Minnesota is one of a handful of states that received an “A” rating for net metering by Solar Reviews. Net metering is a system in which solar panels are connected to a public-utility power grid and surplus power is transferred onto the grid. Minnesota is one of the few states where power companies are required to purchase the power from solar installations at the same price they sell power.
  2. Solar systems are too expensive.
    The cost of solar has fallen dramatically. Considering the available financial incentives—rebates, tax credits, low-cost loans, etc., solar is within the reach of most businesses and households. Read iSolar MN’s blog poston incentives.
  3. The payback period is too long.
    Depending on the size of the project and the initial investment, solar can produce an immediate return. This ROI happens as the initial startup costs are paid for in energy savings created by the solar power the system generates. The Center for Sustainable Energy estimates that most homeowners who go solar will earn their money back in six to nine years.
  4. Reselling a home with solar panels will be harder.
    Actually, many studies have found that homes with solar panels sell faster than homes without solar panels. In addition, solar panels enhance property values by an average of 4 percent. For the average Minnesota home, this would come to $12,000.
  5. Solar systems won’t generate electricity when it’s cloudy.
    It’s a common misconception that solar only works when it is sunny. The truth is, solar installations will still generate electricity on cloudy days. The amount of energy generated varies depending on the amount of sunlight the panels receive. Solar energy can be generated in almost any conditions, including rain and snow, because some sunlight will still reach the earth.
  6. Solar panels cause roof damage.
    Well-installed solar panels should never cause a roof leak. iSolar MN engineers consider structural soundness and roof integrity when proposing, designing and installing an array. Moreover, solar panels actually benefit the portion of the roof they cover by protecting and preserving it.
  7. Solar requires significant maintenance.
    Solar panels have no moving parts and generally do not require a great deal of maintenance to function reliably. Every 15 minutes, the monitoring app will verify that every component of the system is performing properly and will alert the owner and iSolar of any issues. All solar panels should come with an extensive warranty.

iSolar, based in Greater St. Paul, Minn., is a solar company with over four decades of experience in alternative energies. iSolar includes the Solar Insure 30-year Monitoring and Warranty product on all eligible solar installations. iSolar specializes in renewable energy installations, repairs (including detach and reset), maintenance and service work not directly related to renewable energy. Sectors they serve include commercial, residential and agricultural. To contact iSolar call 651-565-1150 or email