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Woodbury Solar Panels – Xcel Energy Customer Saves $6,000 in Energy Costs


Woodbury, Minnesota

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Project Summary

For Victoria T., an Xcel Energy customer in Woodbury, saving money on energy bills was the key driver in adding solar panels. iSolar designed a 17 kW system using Canadian Solar panels and Enphase micro-inverters. Due the east-west orientation of the roof, iSolar installed 52 panels on the roof. Since the system was placed in service July 2021, this solar customer has produced 39,000 kilowatt hours of energy and saved $6,000 in energy costs.

Benefits of Her Woodbury Solar Panels

  1. Saves customer over $6,000 in electric bills annually
  2. Protects customers from rising energy costs
  3. Will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 4.8 tons each year

We Install Solar Panels in Woodbury Often

We are located just 9 minutes away from Woodbury and have done many solar projected there.

Reach out today to get a free estimate on what it would take to install solar panels in your home.

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