Xcel Energy in Minnesota is shrinking the allowable solar capacity on their distribution system.

xcel energy solar capacity is shrinking

Xcel Energy has created a new standard for solar energy that can be on any feeder coming from the substation.  See the illustration.  This will reduce the amount of solar capacity everywhere by 33%.  

Xcel is incentivized to give priority to interconnection agreements to large commercial solar ground mounts.  This is because they make deals for cheaper energy to big investment groups and purchase this for 50% to 75% less than what they are required to buy it for from small solar generators defined as residential and small business. 

For example, $.05 to large investor owned vs. $.125 to residential and small business (per kWh).  We’ve seen areas in Washington county, and west Hennepin / east Carver county reject any small generator solar applications because of these larger investor owned solar projects.  

As a result of Xcel shrinking their capacity on their distribution system and prioritizing investor owned solar projects it is going to become more difficult for homeowners and small business owners to get an interconnection agreement.  Eliminating your ability to own your energy and financially benefit from doing so…

You can view areas of shrinking solar capacity on Xcel Energy’s PV hosting capacity map.

3 simple steps to find out if you are in a location where Xcel interconnection applications are available.


  1. Scroll down to the map and click ‘view the map in full screen’ link.  
  2. Check the box ‘I understand the material in this Disclaimer’, then click ‘yes’ button
  3. Type your address into the top left address box

Red color is very congested, and you would need to act quickly to have any chance to interconnect.

Orange are areas where there are limited interconnections available.

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Enjoy some sun!

iSolar Team