REAP is the Rural Energy for America Program.  This helps farmers & rural business owners access renewable & efficient energy technologies.

What is a USDA Solar REAP Grant?

A REAP Grant will offset build costs up to 40%.  This improves solar energy payback time to under 5 years in some cases.  And the system will give you 30 years of guaranteed life!  Minnesota farmers and business owners who are awarded the REAP Grant are still eligible for the 30% investment tax credit and depreciation tax benefits.

There are 2 groups who are eligible for REAP Grants

  1. The first group are Farmers who have 50% or more of gross income from agricultural operations.
  2. The second are rural area small businesses whose net worth is less than $15 million.  Click the link to see if you land in the rural area eligibility zone.

Click here to see an example of a project with a REAP Grant.

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How To Apply for Solar REAP Grant

We can help get you started with your REAP grant application. Here are the things we will need from you to get started …

  1. 3 years tax returns
  2. Employee payroll (for small businesses)
  3. Electric bills for last 12 months
  4. Project quote from iSolar (we will provid this on your behalf)
  5. Financial documentation of committed funds
  6. SAMS number, which is required to receive federal grant money, in order to get assigned a SAMS number you’ll need a FEIN and to apply at

*iSolar and a grant writer will assist you in the grant application process

Reach out today to see if this could be a fit for your farm or businesses Solar.